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Trump meets with Haitian-American community in Miami

On Friday, the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, met with the Haitian-American community in Miami’s Little Haiti.

It would be a historic first for these Americans descended from Haiti. It was the first time a U.S. presidential candidate would meet with these people. Although the Clintons honeymooned in Haiti, their policy towards the country hadn’t been to engage through Americans born there or whose roots trace back there.

In February 2012, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle had a private fundraiser for his reelection campaign at the home of the more affluent of the Haitian-American community.

Mr. Trump met with a several dozen Haitian-Americans at the publicly-funded Little Haiti Cultural Center. The center was created in 2011 as a unique opportunity for Florida to share its Afro-Caribbean roots through arts and research.

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Written by Samuel Maxime and originally published by Haiti Sentinel.