In addition to the dance classes offered at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, we offer variety of classes through are partners that encourage artistic and cultural expression, creativity and health and wellness. For the full schedule of all offerings visit here.


Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Miami and Criança de Ouro's mission is to empower children in the marginalized areas of Miami’s community by exposing the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira which engages in physical, social and musical activities as well as encouraging discipline, positive communication and respect for self and others. Classes are Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m.

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Creative Writing

Evoke180 offers a monthly meeting for all writers who are serious about enhancing their creative writing skills! It is every last Saturday of the month followed by a Open Mic Night; the perfect opportunity to try out your new skills.

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French Heritage

Come be exposed to French and Francophone cultures. This free class is offered year-round for children and adults interested in learning basic french language skills. It is offered by the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance's French Heritage Language Program.

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Screen Printing

Be a part of our innovative screen printing class where you can learn how to make a t-shirt, zines and more. Learn from Akete Chevers, a textile artist who has invented his very own silk screening style.


FANM provides a year round Taekwondo program for children ages 5 to 14 at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. This Korean martial art form helps to increase agility, discipline and physical fitness.

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Nago Yoga is the creation of Janet Meier and it is a combination of traditional Yoga Poses, Warrior Poses and African Dance. Janet is also trained in Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. The class is free and yoga mats are provided.

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