General Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Gallery Exhibition


The Little Haiti Cultural Complex (LHCC) serves as an art gallery for local and international artists to display varied collections of artwork. Our mission is to provide a space that brings together people and ideas to promote, showcase and support Afro-Caribbean culture in South Florida.

The 2,150 sq. ft. space provides climate control, museum quality lighting and open space for installation projects. Artists must familiarize themselves with the features and limitations of the gallery space before submitting an application. Artists are responsible for providing all hardware, tools, installation and take-down of their artwork, as well as design and printing of show announcements and brochures. The Curator-in-Residence at LHCC will inform you about the process of publicizing and setting up your show.

We are currently accepting submissions from artists around the world, at all stages in their career for consideration.

  • We do not accept walk-in appointments to review your work.
  • Due to the amount of materials we receive we are unable to respond to each submission - please do not call.

After considering our organization’s mission and viewing our gallery, if you believe your work is appropriate for submission, we request that you send us samples in the following formats only:

  • Website address (must include CV and artist statement) OR
  • No more than 5 samples sent as email attachments as JPG with CV and artist statement - Attachments should not exceed 3 MB total (Images exceeding 3 MB will not be reviewed.) OR
  • No more than 5 photo samples minimum size of 5x 7 with CV and artist statement sent via regular mail or dropped off at LHCC during business hours (Mon-Fri, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.)

After evaluating your work, if appropriate, we will contact you for a formal portfolio presentation.

RESPONSE TIME can be anywhere from immediate to several weeks, but we will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible. Please wait at least 30 days before contacting us for a response (if the proposal is time-sensitive, then please indicate this in your cover letter). Please do not send original photographs or artwork of any kind.

Entries must be in JPEG format with an image size of at least 5 inches. The image(s) should be sent via email to or submitted on a zip drive that may be mailed or delivered to the address below. Each image should be numbered (1-5) to correspond with the information on the artist’s entry form – see example below.

Full title
Year Created


LHCC Sponsored Exhibitions:

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex gallery committee, composed of the Curator-in-Residence, local artists and art professionals, reviews exhibition proposals year-round.

If you are offered a show, it may be jointly with one or more other artists, because there may be more qualified proposals requesting space than can be accommodated by solo exhibitions. For joint shows, the Committee tries to choose applicants who are artistically compatible.

Exhibition Rental:

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex gallery is also available as a rented space for exhibitions. Work that will be displayed for exhibition must address our mission statement and follow all artistic and qualitative guidelines as designated by the LHCC Curator-in-Residence and Manager of the facility. The gallery is available for exhibition rental at a minimum of two weeks, requires liability insurance and rental fees as found in our “Special Events Application”.



Please ask us any questions you may have. Questions should be directed to the Curator-In-Residence. Please do not contact Little Haiti Cultural Complex staff with questions specific to the Gallery. They will refer you to the Curator-in-Residence.

Marie Vickles, Curator-in-Residence
Mailing Address: 212-260 N.E. 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33127


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Host an exhibition opening, reception, social mixer or private dinner. The gallery provides open space, climate control, museum quality lighting and ever-changing art exhibits.

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