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Borderless Caribbean: Liquid Knowledges

The Art Basel exhibit presented by the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Borderless Caribbean: Liquid Knowledges, returns this year with three dynamic components.

Liquid Knowledges

Liquid Knowledges will examine the the contributions of Africans to the ethno-botany of the new world as well as the ideas of the enslaved populations of the Americas. It will present the “garden” in history as a focus on the legacies of continental Africa — the way in which ways of knowing, thinking and of living were adapted and reformulated in the creation of the complex world of Caribbean Cultures and those of the continental Americas. A team from Brown University consisting of Dr. Anthony Bogues, Director of the Center for Slavery and Justice, and Dr. Geri Augusto of the Department of Africana Studies will contribute to the visual and historical content.

Garden of Mysteries and Botany of Memory and Experience

The Garden of Mysteries and Botany of Memory and Experience features the work of contemporary artists from the Caribbean in dialogue with Miami-based artists.

Antillean Lacunae: A Litany of the Botanical

Antillean Lacunae: A Litany of the Botanical offers a multi-sensory experience through visual exploration that examines the relations between the colloquial and commercial uses of botanicals. The multimedia exhibition, Antillean Lacunae, focuses on the concept of ethnobotany in both the colonial and contemporary Caribbean region as a source of inspiration and creativity.

This exhibit will be featured in the LHCC Art Gallery as well as in the neighboring Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance exhibition space.

  • November 30, 2016 - March 19, 2017
  • 10:00 - 21:00

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery serves as a space for local residents and artists abroad to display a vast collection of artwork. To expose the public to various visual arts, the Little Haiti Cultural Complex collaborates with various artists to collect, preserve and exhibit their work. It is also one of our premier locations for events, such as opening exhibitions, receptions, social mixers and private dinners. At 2,150 sq. ft., the gallery provides open space, climate control, museum quality lighting and ever-changing art exhibits.

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