Open Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM to 9 PM. Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM.

Poetic Lakay

What is Poetic Lakay?

In Kreyol , “Lakay” is defined as home or origin. Poetic Lakay is a monthly poetry/open mic event that has forged a home in the newly renovated and reopened Caribbean Marketplace in Downtown Little Haiti, FL. This event encourages artists to openly express themselves, build community and strengthen collective connection to HOME.

As a part of Northeast 2nd Avenue Partnership (NE2P)’s mission to revitalize Little Haiti and highlight the community as a cultural destination in Miami, Poetic Lakay showcases local performing artists as well as attracts others from outside of the community to the area – artists and audience members alike. Poetic Lakay serves as a platform for all upcoming performing artists to express themselves through the arts – poetry, spoken-word, dance and music.

Mecca aka Grimo, the event host said, “Poetic Lakay is a safe space in which all artists are welcomed to perform, while also offering a platform for performances in Haitian Creole which is an unprecedented element in the Miami poetry/spoken word scene.”

Caribbean Marketplace

Also known as the “Mache Ayisyen”, the 9,000 sq. ft. marketplace is the Little Haiti Cultural Complex’s largest venue space. Visit the Caribbean Marketplace during open hours and special events and you will find authentic Haitian art and crafts for sale, Haitian music and free WiFi. With open seating the space is also great for lunch and work meetings. The Caribbean Marketplace is also an official visitor’s center for the Greater Miami’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

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