Our Mission

The Mission of the Little Haiti Cultural Center (LHCC) is to provide a space that brings together people and ideas to promote, showcase and support Afro-Caribbean culture in South Florida.

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Featured Events


The LHCC features a spacious courtyard entrance with a distinctive Afro-Caribbean design. Within this attractive setting, we coordinate private gatherings, special events, and performances. Additional features: State-of-the art black box theater Art gallery Several art studios Dance studios 3 multi-purpose rooms for educational and personal enrichment programs.     Additionally, the Cultural Center offers various community activities such as performances, concert shows, art, ceramic
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Meet Our Faculty

The LHCC Faculty hopes to inspire children of all ages through a rewarding Outreach Program. By providing a nurturing learning environment, they can develop artistic skills and explore their hidden talents. This program will include summer workshops, a performing arts season, and numerous events. Our vision is to stimulate young minds by encouraging artistic values and offering a quality interactive atmosphere. The center conducts
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